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Investment Management

Investment Management

Our investment advisors and portfolio managers have more than 100 years of combined market experience that spans more than three full market cycles. This expertise is at the foundation of every relationship with our clients.

Our H&A Investment Committee meets weekly to review performance within H&A strategies, discuss market performance and activity, and review H&A tactical allocation positioning.

Our investment process adheres to time-tested investment methodologies that have captured as much in market gains as possible, while keeping risk within tolerable levels and portfolio expenses to a minimum.

Our portfolios are globally diversified, cost-effective, and tax-efficient. We participate in all of the core publicly traded sub-asset classes, generally close to market neutral weights. Generally we avoid alternative investments because of their high expenses and mediocre long-term performance record. Our processes manage risk and capture excess return via modest portfolio tilts that are valuation-driven.

At H&A, our investment strategies are often described as passive at the security level, but active at the portfolio level. Within most sub-asset classes, we prefer the allocation precision and cost advantages of passive funds. We employ active managers in those less efficient areas of the market, where historical data shows that superior research can lead to investment outperformance. Turnover within our portfolio is low, in order to keep taxes and expenses to a minimum.

Our investment reporting process is focused on transparency and customization. We’ll work to help you know and understand your portfolio returns and risk levels, and we’ll provide information to you in the ways that work best for you.

We also offer cash management portfolios that target higher yields for short-term funds and provide analysis of private equity investments, integration, and tracking within your overall strategy.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

You want to earn appreciable returns on your assets, and you want your portfolio to continue growing over the years. You also need a comprehensive plan for how those assets will be used to support your lifestyle or how they will be best preserved for your heirs. We’ll work together to establish a plan that provides for the financial milestones in your life, as well as the return objective and risk tolerance guiderails for your investment portfolio.

Cash flow and expense projections are a critical part of your plan. This is especially true of the period leading up to and into retirement. We will establish non-discretionary and discretionary spending targets and reconcile with your income sources, including what your assets can be expected to produce. The base plan will often adjust over time, in accordance with changes in your lifestyle or your tolerance for risk.

We’re also prepared to work with you to address education planning and large purchase (such as real estate) analysis, as well as philanthropy planning and the targeted size of your legacy. Based on your assets and income sources, we will construct paths for various spending forecasts that will give you lifestyle options based on your unique circumstances.

Insurance Analysis / Strategies

Insurance Analysis Services

The proper integration of your asset and income protection strategies is critical to your overall wealth plan. Our team will review your existing policies (life, long-term care, umbrella, and others) and provide recommendations to integrate and optimize your overall insurance strategy.

Trust and Estate Planning

Trust and Estate Planning Services

Substantial wealth often brings the need to protect assets and craft individualized legacy solutions. We’re here to help evaluate trust and family limited partnership agreements that will seamlessly integrate into your overall wealth plan.

C-Suite Executive Retirement Benefit Consultation

C-Suite Executive Retirement Benefit Consultation

You’ve worked hard, climbed the corporate ladder, and your employer has rewarded your years of dedication. You are grateful to the company for your retirement benefits, but you are also mindful of the concentration risk, as well as what it means for your personal financial plan and the financial well-being of your family and loved ones.

We’re here to help with retirement and risk mitigation strategies designed specifically for the circumstances unique to corporate executives. We provide comprehensive advice on deferred compensation structure and payout strategies, executive pensions, concentrated stock positions, and stock option strategies.

Income Tax Planning / Consulting

Income Tax Planning and Consulting

Growing your wealth is a priority. Retaining your wealth is equally important. Asset location, use of tax-efficient investment vehicles, and year-end tax mitigation strategies are integral parts of our service delivery that enable you to keep more of what you have earned and built over the years.

We will gladly recommend appropriate tax consultants who can prepare business, personal, and trust tax returns to best ensure integrations of wealth and tax planning. If your preference is to use your existing tax advisor, we’ll maintain an open and active line of communication to ensure tax strategies are optimized.

Trust Services

Comprehensive Trust Services in Pittsburgh

Through the Private Trust Company (PTC), a subsidiary of LPL Financial and Nationally Chartered Trust Bank, we provide comprehensive administrative trust services. PTC can serve as trustee for your existing or new revocable/living irrevocable, charitable, or special needs trusts. Our role will be to work with PTC, alongside your other professional advisors, to ensure that your asset protection and legacy goals are seamlessly integrated into your overall wealth and financial plan.

Family Governance Guidance

Family Governance Services

We make sure families maintain healthy, productive, and communicative relationships when it comes to generational wealth and assets. This is particularly important within family-owned businesses, where succession planning is a priority.

We have extensive experience with helping family leaders handle sensitive subject matters. We can help you frame the issues, facilitate conversations with children, siblings, and other family members, and work collaboratively to find the best and most appropriate solutions to governance challenges.

We take an active approach to encouraging our clients to think constructively and proactively about next generations and legacy planning. And, we actively work with next generation family members to promote ongoing education and understanding.

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