Verizon Benefits Center Webinar

Hapanowicz & Associates' Verizon retirement experts Casey, Bobby, and Christina discuss what you should know when contacting the Verizon Benefits Center regarding your pension and employee benefits.

Jim Palka (Verizon Retiree)

Meet Jim, a retiree from Verizon. In this video, Jim shares his decision to finally retire from Verizon and his experience in working with us to help him take care of the retirement process.

Verizon 401(k) Savings Plan Webinar

The 401(k) savings plan is one of the most widely used tools in terms of saving for retirement. The H&A Verizon experts break down the Verizon 401(k) savings plan to help you better understand your options.

Verizon Pension Benefit Webinar

Christina Hapanowicz, Bobby Hapanowicz, and Casey Gibb discuss the Verizon Pension Benefit and the choice between the annuity and lump-sum payout options.

Understanding the Verizon Retirement Benefits Webinar

Members of the Hapanowicz & Associates' investment committee discuss the typical retirement benefits for Verizon associates and how those should work within your total financial plan and retirement plan.

Verizon Retirement: Expectations for Q2 2021 Pension Rates:

In this video, Christina, Bobby and Casey discuss the expectations for Q2 2021 pension rates.

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RETIRING FROM VERIZON - Top considerations when taking the EISP offer

In this Verizon retirement video, we will cover some related questions submitted to us, as well as the top considerations we encourage you to keep in mind when retiring from Verizon or retiring in general, such as:

  1. Considering Your Timing
  2. Tax Considerations
  3. Age Related Rules
  4. Setting Up An Investment Game Plan

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Expectations for Q2 2021 Pension Rates

In this video, Christina, Bobby and Casey discuss the expectations for Q2 2021 pension rates.

Verizon Special EISP Offer July 2021

In this video, we go over some highlights from the most recent EISP offer and bring up some points to consider to help you make the most of your benefits.

Verizon Retirement: Your Guide to Verizon Target Date Funds

In this video, Christina, Bobby and Casey discuss Target Date Funds, which are newly available to Verizon associates as another investment option within their 401(k).

Why INTEREST RATES Matter for Pension Lump Sums

In this video we cover the main components that make your pension lump sum and how the interest rates in particular affect the overall value.

Verizon Special EISP Offer July 2021 Live Q&A

In this video, we’re going to be talking about the special offer available to certain associates from Verizon. Highlighted in this live Q&A is the breakdown of the offer. With that in mind, we hope that this helps you in maximizing your benefits.

Why Verizon?

With the launch of the new Verizon Retirement Red Zone page on their website, Bob, Casey and Christina sit down to discuss how they came to know the Verizon retirement program and why they continue to work so closely with Verizon employees.

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Verizon Spouses: A Guide To Your Benefits

In this webinar, we are going to discuss the benefits for Verizon spouses. Enjoy!