Retiring from Verizon shouldn’t feel like a second job. Learn about the crucial steps you need to take in the years leading up to, and while going through the retirement process from Verizon. We’ve been making it easy to retire from Verizon since 1999. Whether retirement from Verizon is years away, you're already retired, or you're in the “red zone” of reaching retirement from Verizon, you deserve to have all the information you might need to maximize your Verizon Retirement Benefits.

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With the countless nuances to your Verizon Retirement Benefits including your Verizon 401(k), Verizon Pension, Retiree Medical Benefits, and Life Insurance Benefits, retiring from Verizon can be overwhelming. With H&A’s 20+ years of experience, we are pleased to present to you the Verizon Retirement Red Zone, the ultimate guide to your Verizon Retirement Benefits, to help make these important decisions about retirement as straightforward as possible for you.

Verizon Retirement Masterclass Webinar Series

Join us for our Masterclass Webinar Series, where we take a deep dive into the retirement planning considerations that are unique to Verizon Employees. Each webinar is approximately 45 minutes plus Q&A.

  • Social Security Election Strategies Breakdown
    Oct. 24 @ 6:00 pm ET

Verizon Pension Interest Rates

Get the latest GATT and PBGC interest rates that have a direct effect on your Verizon pension benefit!

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We used our 20+ years of experience helping Verizon employees retire to create this guide. It includes a retirement planning timeline and the most important steps to consider.

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Verizon Benefits Center: Retirement, Medical, and Insurance

For when you’re still working at Verizon: 1-855-489-2367 Pension, Medical, and Insurance Customer Service

For when you’re ready to commence your retirement: 1-856-524-7860 Pension and Retirement Specialist

*When commencing your retirement, you will be assigned a specific Pension Specialist at the Benefits Center. This person will provide their direct extension to you, which we recommend you keep in your records.

Website to obtain your Pension Estimate, and review your employee healthcare and retirement benefits:

Overnight address for mailing the Pension Election and Authorization Form:
1434 Crossways Blvd., East Wing, Chesapeake, VA 23320

*H&A recommends mailing to this overnight address to ensure that the application deadline is met, as well as being able to track the progress of the materials being sent to and received by Verizon.

Fidelity: Verizon 401(k) Savings Plan 1-888-457-9333 Fidelity Customer Service

Social Security Website:

Social Security Support Line: 1-800-772-1213

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Client Testimonial - Jim Palka (Verizon Retiree)

Meet Jim, a retiree from Verizon. In this video, Jim shares his decision to finally retire from Verizon and his experience in working with us to help him take care of the retirement process.


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