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The Basics of Private Wealth Management

Wealth Advisor working

wealth management can save you time and money, help you pursue your financial
goals, and provide you with long-term financial security—but sometimes the
process behind it all can feel ambiguous. Maybe you’re wondering what exactly a
private wealth manager should be doing for you, and how.

private wealth manager’s primary role is to generate new income to increase
your assets and help you build your wealth. Initially, you’ll work together to
create a plan that fits your vision for the future. Then your advisor or wealth
manager will consider your short- and long-term goals to make the appropriate investment

wealth manager should also help you understand tax code and regulatory
considerations and complexities, as well as help you choose the most efficient
tax plan for your unique financial circumstances. The penalties for tax
avoidance are steep, so having a partner by your side will help you avoid fees
by under-paying taxes, or they can enable you to save more for your future by
ensuring you’re not over-paying.

the right firm to preserve, protect, and grow your assets is essential. You
wanta private wealth management firm that works with you and for you—one
that sees you as a person to build a relationship with, rather than just another
portfolio to be managed.

H&A, our wealth managers take flexible, multi-faceted approaches that help
you increase and manage your assets in the ways that make the most sense for
your financial vision and goals. Your vision is our guidepost, so we leverage our
knowledge in ways that allow you to take advantage of multiple techniques. We
also work with other investment professionals or advisors you already have
working with you, such as your attorney or another consultant, to ensure you
have a well-rounded and collaborative approach to your wealth management.

Understanding the basics of private wealth management can make the most of your money and your relationships. To learn more about our integrated approach to private wealth management, please reach out to us by calling 412-261-5966, feel free to email me directly at

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