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Homegrown Commonsense

"It's all in the eyes of the beholder" is a
saying that was coined in the 1870's. Referring to Beauty, in to- day's words
it is saying, "Beauty is subjective". The same can be said for what
should be considered as Common Sense. 

Growing up around entrepreneurs as parents, I always had the opportunity to
learn concepts of their industries from a truly authentic perspective. My
parents never missed the chance to teach me lessons of their businesses,
perhaps simplifying the message when I was younger and going into more detail
when I was older.

one message that remained constant in detail and importance, however, was to
"save, save, save". By the time I was making my own money to have the
ability to do so, I understood the importance of saving, and the huge positive
impact it would have in my future. It felt like the natural thing to set some
money aside every month. 

my very first deferral into my 401(K), up until last week, I truly thought
everyone my age had the same mindset as me when it came to saving their money -
that they should do so as much as possible as early as possible. I was in for a
huge surprise, you can imagine, when another H&A advisor and I met with a
girl who was not a year older than me, who had not started to save a nickel.
This girl was smart and hard-working. She had a good job and
was on track to excel in her career. But she didn't understand the basic
concept of saving, of compounded growth, or the importance of saving into your

I was
truly shocked. What I thought was common sense, she did not know anything
about. It was a true wake-up call. A wake-up call for me not just in realizing
how few young professionals are saving enough - or at all - but just how
essential my parents were in me developing that mindset, that

only consider the matter of saving into a personal account and into my 401(K),
common sense because my parents taught that to me. They made it a point to
always show me the rewards you reap not just for hard work, but for saving the
fruits of that hard work. Every once in a while, I might imagine the pairs of
shoes I could have right now if the money weren't in another account - it's
always tempting to have the latest and greatest of things when everyone else
has it. But my wherewithal to never stop saving is because of my parents’
constant reminders. It's a common sense that I feel lucky to have.