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H&A Is More Than Wealth Management, We're a Family

When my dad, Bob Hapanowicz, founder and president of
Hapanowicz & Associates, an Integrated Wealth Advisory Firm,
was approached by this magazine for an article, since we are practically
founding residents, club members and business owners, they asked us for an
article about the family business. Dad passed it to me and said, "Consider
this!" So I have. 

When I think about the list of treasured items of past
and current generations of my family, such as my Grandpa Hap's recipe book and
a ring that belonged to my grandmother, I feel lucky to be able to include the
family business on that list. 

I heard a phrase a while ago that always stuck with me:
you should not only strive to love the work that you do but also to love the
people you work with and the clients you work for. H&A has achieved this
golden trio. 

To me, my dad is the embodiment of the Ameri can Dream.
When he realized that working for his current boss was not going to provide the
kind of opportunity he was seeking, he took a chance and started his own
business from the ground up. He wanted to build a firm with the resources and
tool: to provide solutions to people who need advice while avoiding the
bureaucracy and potential conflicts that one can find with large Wall Street

Almost 30 years later we have a trusted team in the
office serving our clientele that embodies all of the characteristics that I am
proud to use to describe my dad himself: hard-working self-made, humble,
willing to learn from peers and competitors and always trying to improve not
just themselves but the process. 

We spend a lot of time with our clients talking just
about their vision. We like to get to know their family, interests, hobbies,
etc. - the things that make them who they are. After all, we are usually managing
the assets that are being planned for the future of their family. 

Our firm is truly
helping people achieve their dreams! Our clients come to us sometimes at their
most vulnerable points in their lives and other times at the happiest points in
their lives, and we are able to take a lot of the stress out of the situation
so that they can handle all other life events with a clear head.

While they
simultaneously put their trust in us, we have the fortune of being able to get
to know them and their families. We learn from them. It truly is special. It is
a legacy that is worthy of being passed down from my father’s to hopefully one
day my generation, possibly even with my brother.

We love the
Nevillewood community, and all it has to offer our family in its quality of
life, as well as sincere neighborly relationships.