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Maximizing Retirement Planning for Corporate Executives

Corporate Executives

Your peak earning years are the best time to focus on both your executive financial plan as well as your executive retirement plan. Both need to minimize your risk while maximizing your benefits, to help reach a lucrative and financially successful future.

As a CEO or corporate executive, you know how to set goals and achieve them. Fortunately, this is the best skill for executive retirement planning and pursuing your retirement goals. Also, as a CEO or executive, you know how to surround yourself with the best possible team of people to get things done and help you to pursue those goals. In the case of retirement planning, you need a team of experienced financial advisors to help guide you to the best possible outcomes for you and your loved ones.

Here are several areas you and your financial advisors should work on together to maximize your executive retirement plan as part of your overall financial plan:

Current Compensation Package and Benefits

Consider your current compensation package and the benefits offered. For instance:

  • Can part of your compensation package be deferred for future payout?
  • Does it contain stock or stock options?
  • Are there performance bonuses? How are these determined, and how can they be maximized?
  • Is there a 401(k)? And if so, what is the maximum pre-tax contribution available? Does your company match these benefits?
  • Is there a pension available?
  • Could you receive a better package from a similar position in another company?
  • What can you expect from Social Security?

Portfolio Management

Once you see your full potential of earnings, you can determine how this potential can grow over time. Then you can determine what percentage of your earnings, if any, you need to be adding to your executive retirement account to work toward your retirement goals. You’ll also want to look at diversification of your portfolio with your financial advisor to minimize risk but to get a broad base of investments that can contribute to your income after you retire.

Planning for Family

You will need to account for your loved ones before, during, and after your retirement. Whether they are a spouse or a significant other, children, grandchildren, or other family members, they need to be considerations in your overall executive retirement package and planning.

Tax Planning and Preparation

As you identify your compensation package and additional retirement investment vehicles, you need to plan for your tax obligations now and the potential future tax rates. An experienced financial advisor will also help you determine if you should defer certain investments to the future when you are in a lower tax bracket.

There are many detailed considerations to an executive retirement plan and for how to turn that plan into a reality. The goal is for you to achieve the financial independence that you deserve, and to maintain it, especially throughout your post-retirement years.

Our team of wealth managers and financial advisors at Hapanowicz & Associates are here to work with you and for you toward your vision for a successful retirement. Feel free to reach out to me directly with questions or to learn more about maximizing your executive retirement planning at



Talk with an advisor.

Engage with a qualified partner for financial guidance built on loyalty, empathy, and integrity.

Talk with an advisor.

Engage with a qualified partner for financial guidance built on loyalty, empathy, and integrity.